Lendit for Farmers

Find new places to increase your operations

Find new farmland in just a few clicks and browse its history of that. 

Lend-it connect farmers with crowdfunding investors

Our Mission

Lendit create an immutable Land Lease Ledger (LLL) where the involved parties can enter agreements which are fed by historic land usage data, trusted events and benefit from a data-driven revenue and risk sharing mechanisms.

Lendit help farmer access expensive pieces of equipment through Security Token Offering

Lendit assure that rental agreements are fair and transparent to landowners and farmers.


We aim to simplify the life of farmers

Get access to agriculture machine

LendIt innovate and apply crowdfunding together with the new token economy to attract small investors.

Our Security Token Offering platform will allow you to access expensive equipment.

More transparency

By using Blockchain LendIt ensure that the whole history of each piece of land is recorded providing a proven track record and allowing to estimates better further performances.

Fair agreements

rental agreements are fair and transparent to landowners and farmers and use on-chain smart contracts.

A profile for the Unbanked

Lendit historical and tamper-proof data let Lend-It create a farmer profile

This track record will facilitate loan at the bank.

This profile will even work for unbanked people and facilitate micro loan in developing countries.

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