Leasing farmland should not be a matter of trust


Farmland is an invaluable asset and information is power… especially when it comes to renting or investing in your next farmland. 

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Our Mission

LendIt create an immutable Land Lease Ledger (LLL) where the involved parties can enter agreements which are fed by historic land usage data, trusted events and benefit from a data-driven revenue and risk sharing mechanisms.

We assure that rental agreements are fair and transparent to landowners and farmers.

For Landowners

Find easily trustworthy renters.

Profit from our standardized process.

Fair price evaluation and transparency.




For farmland investors

Manage your farmland portfolio.

Use our marketplace for farmland to locate potential new investments.

Give access to small investor thanks to tokenization.


For Farmers

Find new places to increase your operations.

Find new farmland in just a few clicks and browse its history of that. 

LendIt connects farmers with crowdfunding investors.

For landowner

Lend your farmland fast 

  • We offer on-chain standardized agreements,
  • Eliminate the financial risk of not being payed,
  • We collect and automate payments,
  • Analytics data are written to ledger to prove your farmland is properly used.

For farmer

Find the perfect farmland

And profit from increased transparency:

  • Record of the land history,
  • Fair market price evaluation,
  • Optional Parametric insurance.

Facilitating loans

  • LendIt historical and tamper-proof data let Lend-It create a farmer profile,
  • This track record will facilitate loan at the bank,
  • This profile will even work for unbanked people and facilitate micro loan in developing countries.

million unbanked people

million farmers


are poorest in developing countries

For investors


By using blockchain and applying tokenization, in the form of a Security token (STO), Investors could:

  • Own a piece of a land,
  • Participate to the farms performance.


  • More farmer to access farmland,
  • Distribute equally benefits.

I am convinced of this technology and believe that we can still define many interesting application cases and will realize practical solutions. I see a particular opportunity for transparency and traceability in the "from farm to fork" food chain.


– Dr. Fabian Wahl, Head of the Strategic Research Unit Microbial Systems of Food at Agroscope.

"blockchain and smart contracts can increase efficiency, transparency and traceability in agricultural supply chains and improve rural development interventions"


– Blockchain for agriculture. Opportunities and challenges.  FAO publication

With 40% of the global workforce, agriculture sector presents 6.4% of the entire world’s economic production and its total worldwide production is $5,084,800 million.



Blockchain can helps to keep tabs on abundant commodities and reduce cases of illegal harvesting and shipping frauds. The United Nation reveals that food frauds cost the global economy around $40 billion per year because of illicit trades.

Special Events

4-5 Oct 2019

Crypto Mountain talk

in Technipole Sion. We will participate to talks about blockchains in agriculture. 

07 Nov 2019

Swiss Food Research

Lendit is presenting at 13:15 at the 5th Meeting of the IG Digitalization, University of Zurich UZH Focus and traceability solutions and trust in the agri-food chain We will hear about the ongoing projects that aim to improve the traceability and ensure trust in the agri-food chain.

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Farmland is an invaluable asset and information is power… especially when it comes to renting or investing in your next farmland. read more…

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Our Team

Cédric Walter

Cédric Walter

Founder, CEO at Disruptr.ch, Blockchain developer, CEO tokens-economy.com, Cordalo.ch

Cédric worked with various Insurances companies across Switzerland on online applications handling billion premium volumes.

Michael Sladoje

Michael Sladoje

Full Stack Developer

Co-Founder, CTO at Earlybyte

Mike Schälchli

Mike Schälchli

Data Scientist

Co-Founder, CEO at Earlybyte

Silke Humbert

Silke Humbert

Business analyst

Team Head Product Specialists Equities & Themes at Zürcher Kantonalbank

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